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DIY Herringbone Canvas Art: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

herringbone-canvas-artYou’ve seen those fun herringbone canvas art pieces around.  They look pretty cool, but then again they cost quite a bit too.  What if you could just make your own?  It isn’t that hard to accomplish and the supplies list isn’t that big either.  First you will need a canvas to work on, you can either pick them up at a supply store or find a piece of art on a canvas at a thrift store and paint a coat of white chalk paint over it.  You will also need some of that blue painters tape and whatever colors you want to feature in your piece.  I’d add an extra white can of chalk paint too. Continue reading

Layered Paint for an Antiqued Effect: a Simple Tutorial

You just purchased a new piece of furniture and that is great.  The problem is that it looks like it is a new store brought piece.  Yeah, those antique looking pieces look marvelous but they cost so much.  If only there was a way to get that look on your new affordable piece.  Luckily there is and I’m here to give you a simple tutorial on it.

First you will want to gather up some materials.  For this process you’ll want 3 colors of milk paint ( a neutral, a dark and your final color) as well as some bees wax, a spray paint, sand paper (150 grit is a good choice) and brushes. The milk paint adheres so well to most any surface you don’t need to do a whole lot of prep work on your piece.image1 Continue reading