DIY Herringbone Canvas Art: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

herringbone-canvas-artYou’ve seen those fun herringbone canvas art pieces around.  They look pretty cool, but then again they cost quite a bit too.  What if you could just make your own?  It isn’t that hard to accomplish and the supplies list isn’t that big either.  First you will need a canvas to work on, you can either pick them up at a supply store or find a piece of art on a canvas at a thrift store and paint a coat of white chalk paint over it.  You will also need some of that blue painters tape and whatever colors you want to feature in your piece.  I’d add an extra white can of chalk paint too.

First you’ll want to take some time to consider your canvas, how big of a pattern do you want?  Bigger is easier, smaller will take some more prep work and longer to paint.  For the beginner I would recommend first running a piece of painters tape right down the middle of the canvas from top to bottom.  Then spilt each of those two sides in half with another piece of tape.  Feel free to measure for a very precise look or eyeball it for a bit more of the funky free form look.

Next you’ll want to make angled painter’s tape strips from the edge to the first strip of tape.  You get to decide how much of an angle you want.  You also get to pick how much space to leave between each piece of tape which will determine how fat each piece will be.  Next do the same for the next section of canvas, of course if you angled down to start you’ll angle up for this section.  Keep going across each section until you have gotten to the other end.

Now you’ll want to do a layer of your white chalk paint as a base layer.  It’s ok if it goes on the tape, you’ll be pulling that off.  Once your base is dry you can paint each piece.  You can go for a pattern of colors or make it random.  If you’d like you can make each a different color or just stick to a few colors repeated throughout the piece.  Since you are the artist you get to make the calls.

Once everything is dry the final step is to pull up the tape.  You should be greeted with nice sharp lines across you’ll whole piece.  And if you want the aged look just take a sanding block to it lightly then wipe away the dust.