Layered Paint for an Antiqued Effect: a Simple Tutorial

You just purchased a new piece of furniture and that is great.  The problem is that it looks like it is a new store brought piece.  Yeah, those antique looking pieces look marvelous but they cost so much.  If only there was a way to get that look on your new affordable piece.  Luckily there is and I’m here to give you a simple tutorial on it.

First you will want to gather up some materials.  For this process you’ll want 3 colors of milk paint ( a neutral, a dark and your final color) as well as some bees wax, a spray paint, sand paper (150 grit is a good choice) and brushes. The milk paint adheres so well to most any surface you don’t need to do a whole lot of prep work on your piece.image1

First you will want to put down a layer of a neutral colored milk paint.  Consider this your base coat.  Some of this will show through at the end, so choose a color you are alright with.  Next you will want to rub your beeswax along the edges of the piece.  This will stop your next coat from sticking as well, in the end of the process this will help the edges look a bit more distressed to add to the effect.

image2Now you’ll want to put down your dark color milk paint.  You will want to aim to not put any on the corners you rubbed down with wax, but it’s ok if you go over a bit.  Also this layer doesn’t have to a solid layer all the way across, feel free to let it look a bit streaked.  Next use the spray paint along the edges where you put the wax.  This color will show through at the end, so make sure it is one that you think works with the others.

image3For your last coat, the one that will be seen the most, put on a full coat across the whole piece.  When it is dry take your sand paper to the piece.  The more you sand the more other layers will be visible.  The corners will normally get the most sanding, but you can choose how much you wish to apply.  Wipe down the dust with a damp cloth and then rub the beeswax over to help seal your piece.